Distorted flowerpot

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Studio Lorier
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This flowerpot is tilted sideways, so it has the illusion it is falling. Great in contrast with a flower or plant, is it will always grow vertical directionMinimalistic design, and use of the archetype flowerpot. Great to combine several pieces together for a very playfully effect. Normal size to grow medium size plants and herbs. Slib-casted in earthenware and finished with a high gloss white glaze. Only handwash, no dishwasher. Dimensions:Height: 15 cm (6 inch)Diameter: 12 cm (4,5 inch) Volume: 700ml (24 Fl. oz.)All products are handmade in the Netherlands.See www.studiolorier.com for more products of Studio Lorier.All rights reserved

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Studio Lorier
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Studio Lorier is an online platform for functional design. Subtle eye-catchers for daily use, handmade with great care. Dutch designer Sander Lorier tries to make surprising ideas, with a minimum use of resources and minimal shapes. On the other hand, the maximum will be achieved in usability, design and sustainability. Inspiration is taken from the...

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