Delta shelf

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Modular Furniture System
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The Delta shelf is a great starting point for a Modular Furniture Systems interior, comes fully assembled and ready to put up on your wall.Watch previously insignificant spaces of your home or office morph into practical storage. The Delta shelf is an elegant piece of Scandinavian home-brewed design, bringing an industrial and sturdy feel while all the same being light on your eyes.The wall mounted pine shelf comes with a set of durable steel arms.Delta outer measurements:W:61, D:21, H:7.5 cm (W:24, D:8.3, H:3 inches).Wooden shelf measures:W:50, D:19.5, H:2 cm (W:19.7, D:7.7, H:0.8 inches)

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Modular Furniture System
Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Modular Furniture System is that it wasn't made to be sold. It was made as a solution to an interior design problem first, and as a product second. At its core, this is what I think you will appreciate the most. The product design to fill void. It all...

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