Deer Bust Modern

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Fenno Fivecoat
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Animals of Distinction lineEach deer is molded and hand plastered, then finished with a latex spray coat.. The distinguishing quality of each Animal of Distinction is that every individual piece comes adorned with REAL antlers that are left in their natural color and state. We only use naturally shed antlers found in nature. Antler's are the fastest growing organ of any animal and are grown and shed multiple times each year. Fenno Fivecoat brings you the natural elegance of the deer, with the Fenno Fivecoat twist in a non-violent, animal-friendly manner.Available in large, medium and smallAvailable in eight paint colors or customized with your provided color swatch Also available in eight metallic, Audi auto body paint colors. as shown: large deer, color in Audi slate auto body paint. Large size 48" T x 29" (antler Width)The Fenno Fivecoat Animals of Distinction line was inspired from a real taxidermied Caribou head I purchased at a garage sale. I found the Caribou tipped on its side, settled in a puddle and dripping from rain. Never a fan of taxidermy and what it can represent, I felt an undeniable urgency to purchase this elegant animal. Carry_boo, as he is now called in our family, went home with me and now hands on my living room wall. He is huge, horned and shedding his fur. My ten year old daughter (a vegetarian) was completely was I. Together we decided we could not live with him starring at us, which left me in a dilemma. I did not feel I could throw him away; I felt very attached and responsible for him. I needed to find a way for him to exist in our home with us. He inspired an idea that brought the Fenno Fivecoat line to fruition. Respectfully, I encased him in shrink wrap to protect his fur in case my art project did not work. For the next several weeks I applied layer upon layer of clay and plaster, sanding and then more additional layers. At the end, having rubbed this animal for weeks with my hands, after painting and polishing him, I felt I had achieved a successful way to show my respect for the animal. I have a firm design belief that while bringing nature into our home is a necessary aspect of design and decoration, I also feel that we should infuse our own humanity in conjunction with the beauty and elegance of the natural world: to develop synergy as we create our own signature style. This is what these animal sculptures mean to me. Carry-Boo still hangs on our wall and serves as our Christmas tree each year. I imagine he always will.

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