Dagger Shaped Sea Opal -Unicorn Horns- on Decorative Gold Stem - Earrings

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I love sea opals. sea opals are man made and they look like unicorn horns.unicorn horns dangle from unique gold stems and gold plated ear wire.hangs 2.5"the sea opals vary in size, some can be twice as long as the ones shown.**Please, pick the size of stone. The ones in the pictures are the small option- around .75" --There's also some that are a little larger - around 1"- 1.25"? instagram | niceLena? pintrest | niceLena? facebook.com | niceLena? website l niceLena.com

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I started my line in 2002, inside a gallery/boutique in Chicago called Monkey Business. While my background was in painting, I quickly fell in love with crafting and the speed at which I could express myself. It's sort of like doodling and sketching and way better suited to my short attention span. I'm good as...

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