Cosma Bangle - Silver

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Kevin Wei
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Inspired by 12th-century Byzantine mosaics, when complex tile patterns were common decorative motifs in papal and state architecture. Bangle in sterling silver. Original designs copyrighted by Kevin Wei. Learn more at: http://www.kevinwei.comHand made with precision machines. Custom sizing available upon request.- Black lacquered wooden box for storage- SMALL / 60.5mm inner dia. (3-1/4in) / 190mm circ. (7-1/2in)- STND M / 64.5mm inner dia. (2-1/2in) / 202mm circ. (8in)*Featured at Material ConneXion Exhibition _Print/3D_, New York City (Feb 28 - May 11, 2012) "Learn More":*Featured on (Mar 8, 2012) "Learn More":

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Kevin Wei
Based in Manhattan, NY

I am an author of jewelry objects that engage the art of storytelling. My works are artifacts that record distant or recent human experience as they relate to the present day, and then cast anew as body adornments with deep meaning for the discerning individual. I use computers, robots, cameras, and my own hands as...

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