CONSTANTA sleeve for iPad2 & Retina

$ 35.00
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CONSTANTA is the second design from our MINIMAL Collection: made with sharp cut slim sidewalls, pure black rubber outside, pimped up with a sexy laser dragon logo. The inner side is colorful, and it has a humbly intelligent protective coating: a slight pull on the strap and your iPad slips safely into your hand. Our products are made of recycled bicycle inner tubes. Occasional patches and the printed patterns are unique, so no two items are the same. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.Technical Features: weatherproofMaterials: recycled bicycle innertubes, Cleaning: Wipe clean with a wet towel. Do not wash.Delivery: 1 week to Europe, 2-4 weeks everywhere else.Designed in: 2012Weight: 170 gDimensions: 185 x 240 x 5 mm

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Based in Budapest-Basel

Since 2005 we have been preparing accessories from second hand materials. Committed to protecting Nature we decided to move towards exclusively environmentally conscious design. Following this decision we started to design fashion accessories from any trash we found fit for bags. So we started the line with second hand vinyl LP-s, then we fell in...

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