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This is a grouping of 3 charms that I have strung onto a 30" silver-plated brass ball chain. This necklace features postage stamps from Romania and Hungary as well as a handmade beaded charm.The stamp charms are created by cutting a section from an actual postage stamp and placing it at the base of a sterling silver bezel cup onto which I have soldered a basic bail. I then pour an epoxy resin on top to seal everything in and attach it to the necklace. Each item will come with a small tag listing the country and decade your stamp is from.You are purchasing this exact necklace. The model image is intended to show scale and size and does not feature this actual listing.Interested in some matching earrings? A pair of these would be sweet:, fun, colorful and made from recycled materials.A note on resin: resin is waterproof and extremely durable. However, when exposed to direct sunlight for lengths of time it may yellow and/or cause damage to the stamp underneath. We recommend that you keep your resin jewelry out of direct sunlight when possible. If yellowing or damage should occur at any time please do not hesitate to message or email us with a description or photograph and we will be happy to review the situation and offer a solution or replacement.

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Hello! My name is Betsy and I'm the force behind Foxglove Accessories. Each Foxglove piece is a unique collection of postmarked stamps from around theworld, with sterling silver and resin as my supporting materials. My work is modern and uncomplicated, with a colorful story behind each item.Want to see more one-of-a-kind items? Check out my...

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