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This Chandelier is a lighting flower arrangement of ceramic shades that light up through translucent porcelain, shade openings and perforated white clay.The chandelier has a timeless and organic feel to it and can be arranged and aimed to fit the space. The light shades are by ceramic artist Sharan Elran. Marked down from $888The chandelier includes Three translucent porcelain shades and three clay shades. The perforated shade creates a camera obscura lighting effect in which the small round holes project V shaped light textures.It gives a very good amount of lighting. Each shade carries a supplied Xenon light bulb that is twice more efficient in its energy use than a regular incandescent, has a longer life span of 5,000 hours and a warm color light quality.The bulbs are: 3x20W, 3x35W xenon bulbsSizes: 17" high (from the ceiling to the bottom shade) x 13" wide x 13" longThe chandelier is Intended to be connected to a standard electrical junction box it comes with the appropriate hardware.All of the electrical parts are UL listed.Some Feedbacks we got for this Chandelier:"Thank you for the beautiful light! like flowers blooming from the ceiling. perfect over our dining room table"raywig."Very lovely light, adds interest to the room without being overly massive or intrusive. And Avner was very helpful: quick and informative in answer to my numerous questions. Thanks!"Lee.

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lightexture is a collaboration between an architect and a lighting designer, creating unique designer lamps.In our light construction we incorporate clay and porcelain made by ceramic artist Sharan Elran, ready-made objects, lighting components and more. The lamps are fitted and assembled by hand in our studio. One of our goals is to create energy efficient...

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