Classic Everyday Bowl in Seawater Blue & Vanilla

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Vanilla Stone by Mellissa Bushby
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Bowls can be elegant, beautiful and classic, or short and comfortably chunky. They can be tall and elegantly thin, they can hold liquids, solids or simply nothing at all, and still maintain an air of classic elegance and a sense of well-being. They symbolise comfort in that they are traditionally the receptacles of warm, hearty soups or stews; they can inspire ideas or memories of adventure in the form of exotic, spicy curries, or deserts, or they can simply bring the frisson of anticipation of an evening spent planning a delicious or decadent meal. The pleasure derived from the planning and making of such a meal is possibly surpassed only by the eating...and of course the prospect of planning the next meal. Bowls symbolise all of this, and more. A favourite bowl is what you will reach for in times of doubt or stress, a simple yet comforting old friend. Chocolate Ice-cream on the softest bare-apricot, coffee granita on warm vanilla, crisp salads popping with the flavours of blood-orange and fennel, set against a background of turquoise, acid green limes reclining in a perfectly round bowl wearing the merest hint of lemon.Understated and classic, this bowl has a delicate hint of seawater blue glaze adorning the inside curve, while the outside of the bowl is unglazed, and retains a warm, earthy vanilla tone, enhancing the feeling of the natural porcelain against your hand. It is entirely at home anywhere, in any setting, be it for rustic and delicious or sophisticated and scrumptious, and is perfect for so many things, you'll find it becomes a part of nearly every meal.Please note that all glazes are made in my studio. They contain the softest, merest hints of colour. Should you prefer a whisper of green, or swirl of turquoise, or simply a memory of cloud white, please feel free to ask. I aim to please! Bear in mind that each piece is handcrafted and distinctively unique, and size and shape may vary somewhat from piece to piece. Also, any superficial imperfections (such as glaze swirls) are simply what make each item exceptional. My porcelain body fires a soft, warm vanilla white, and as is typical to porcelain, is as durable and timeless as stone. Due to the handmade nature of all Vanilla Stone Earthware, a gentle hand wash is recommended.All Vanilla Stone studio work is stamped with my studio stamp, and signed on request.© 2013

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Vanilla Stone by Mellissa Bushby
Based in Lowveld, South Africa

Classic yet contemporary, simple yet exquisitely elegant, natural yet refined. Bespoke ceramic ware from Vanilla Stone is the ultimate addition to todays home. Tantalizingly delicate, yet still resilient and durable, this timeless ware brings a dimension of reflective beauty to the much loved and lived in contemporary kitchen, garden or table. The soft and almost...

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