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When I was a freshman in college, I often slept through my alarm clock. A friend once came into my room after hearing my alarm ringing for what seemed like an eternity (it was probably well past noon.) Rachel! Do you have class?I woke up for a second, and declared: "I have all the class in the world." I was never one to wear a class ring, but I like to let the world know -- and remind myself -- of that all-important quality. Tiny typewriter-like letters say 'class' -- and let's face it -- you've got it, too! Sterling silver, please specify size.

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rachel ann lavin grew up in ny. she loves ny, but she loves warm weather even more. she's lived in atlanta, providence, boston, portland(oregon), salamanca, spain, san miguel de allende, mexico, san cristobal de las casas, mexico, and guadalajara, mexico, and now calls austin, texas, home -- specifically, a lovely neighborhood called bouldin that's full...

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