City Blocks - Five Boroughs Set

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John W. Golden
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The five boroughs of NYC separated on to 5 small wooden blocks. These are from my City Monikers collection, and part of a series called City Blocks. This cute little set of blocks can sit on a mantle, a window sill, a bookshelf or just about anywhere for a sweet little stand-alone piece of art. Pieces are designed to sit, not hang.Blocks can be neatly stacked, or roughly stacked if you prefer. I stack mine horizontally, but you can always go vertical. You can also split the set up and put a little reminder of the Big Apple in several places.Each hardwood block measures 7/8" wide by 3" tall by 1/2" deep. When stacked horizontally, the 5 blocks measure 3" wide by 4 1/4" tall.I create the image, trim it to fit the blocks and apply the image to the block, then seal each image on the block.Please allow 7-10 business days for your blocks to ship.

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