Cheese Knife Pendant

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Metal Sugar
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This knife was a total accident. I was cutting something out of a piece of scrap sterling I had laying around and I looked down at my leftover piece and it was in the exact shape of a knife! I looked through my knives at home and the one I cut looks most like a cheese knife. What a coincidence that I am CHEESE OBSESSED! I've even added the necessary details to the knife to look more realistic-knife edge and handle dots. Sanded to brush finish and soldered jump ring on top.*Knife measures 1.25 inches long and .25 inches at widest point. All components and chain are sterling silver.Thanks for looking!

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Metal Sugar
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Deliciously Original Jewelry made in Brooklyn, NY *Metal Sugar makes use of a variety of materials, including eco-friendly metals and natural gemstones, as well as found objects meant to represent an always evolving range of interests and influences. Melissa finds the wit, cuteness, appeal, and evocative depth in the unexpected. Her delicate pieces often make...

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