Chandelier Glow

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The Jackdaw Brocante
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"Chandelier Glow"Large wall art illustration in size 3x4ft ("36Wx"48L) for restaurant or home. Each piece is on lightweight plywood, no more than 30 pounds, and is black and white chalkboard illustration-style. This piece is of a simple chandelier, in rough chalkboard style. Each piece is hand designed and so will not be perfectly uniform to photographs.* Please keep in mind, THESE ARE NOT PRINTS, and are done on large, 3/8" thick plywood, meant to be mounted with mirror mounting toggles, available at local home improvement stores. *Shipping is via Greyhound Xpress*

About the Designer

The Jackdaw Brocante
Based in Gainesville, FL

If these pieces have a mission, it is this: To capture and depict the everyday movements we do in the kitchen, in our home, in our cafe, in our life. Creating rugged, simplistic illustrations on large scale chalkboards, vintaged linen, miscellaneous processed artwork including industrial.

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