Champagne Cork Pendant Key Chain

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Avant Garde Design
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AGD presents...Champagne Cork Pendant Key ChainI love Champagne! It's one of these fun bubbly drinks that somehow makes you happy.Champagne always carries so many great memories that I wanted to turn the Champagne corks into key chains.The pendant is roughly 3/4 inch wideComes in a gift box.The brand/type of cork you will get will be random. Some are branded some are not.If you would like to request a specific brand, please message me. If they are ones not in the list below, I will have to go find them in which case may take a bit longer and may up the cost.If you would like me to create a ring with your own cork, please also message me prior to ordering. I have a random lot of Champagne/Sparking Wine corks. Here's some that I have in addition to the non branded version:GanauE33Wolf BlassLa MarcaRoederer EstateCBChain on the key chain is roughly 1 1/2 inches long. (Chain length can be changed upon request)The Key Chain comes delivered in a gift box.You or your gift recipient will LOVE it!

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My passion lies in using my hands to create unique and beautiful things. I want to create products that are not only beautiful but created in a manner in which attracts attention and becomes an object of admiration. _Recently featured on InStyle Magazine (Dec 2013 Issue)_I especially love steampunk themes, hand made items from metal,...

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