Chaboo (small)

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Tomita Designs
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Hand made from solid bamboo plywood in Portland, OR. Finished with a durable waterbased lacquer finish. Chabu is a versatile piece open to multiple uses. Available in two sizes, the Small at 14" deep by 32" wide and only 13" tall is built at an unusually small scale. Chabu can be used as a bench for a bedroom or in an entry, or as a coffee table. Chabu Small is great for small rooms/apartments where and people who sit on the floor. The size is perfect for sticking your legs under it and typing on a laptop. You can put it to the side and use it as an armrest and a place to put a book, remote control, or cup of tea. The hole in the center allows for one handed pickup and easy moving. How will you use your Chabu?

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Tomita Designs
Based in Portland, OR

"tomitadesigns website":http://www.tomitadesigns.comTomita Designs draw inspiration from traditional Japanese forms and the unique properties of solid bamboo ply. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable contemporary building material which is very dense and strong making it great for furniture. Tomita Designs aim to retain the warmth of tradition within modern design. Each piece is hand built and finished...

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