Castrovalva by Jeremy Simmons

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_Castrovalva_ represents much more than the two years over which its songs were written, though whenever a song is written it will reflect that time in the composer's life. _Castrovalva_ is focused on memories, lost friendship, and above all the ghosts of the past, but the listener will always find their own meaning regardless of the composer's ideas, the music taking on its own form in each listener's mind. _Castrovalva_ contains music that will lend itself very well to listeners with great imaginations.For an audio sample of this album "click here":*Tracklist:* 1. Hold the line - 4:07 2. Ancient blues - 4:02 3. Green - 4:09 4. 20th century life - 4:34 5. Waiting by water - 4:07 6. Fountains - 5:28 7. Shame - 3:178. One more time - 2:27 9. Not let you down - 5:01 10. Kings in the quiet grass - 4:58 11. Pyramids - 5:49Jeremy Simmons lives in Cincinnati, Ohio...but for how long? He is constantly writing music because he can't help it, and takes great joy in doing so. His music is a reflection of mood and memory, and little else. "Sidedown Audio": is an independent boutique label that caters to solo home recording artists.

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