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Ulterior Motive
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This on-trend plaid tie is made of soft woven cotton and is 6cm (2.4") in width, for that perfect knot and a quality feel.

It’s richly colored combination of a plaid pattern in blue, red and white is a great design for many types of outfits and a rock-inspired finishing touch to your party and leisure looks.

Measurements: 6 cm (2.4") at tip, 145 cm (57") long in total.

Colors: Blue / Red / White.

Pattern: Plaid.

Material: Woven cotton.

About the Designer

Ulterior Motive
Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Ulterior Motive. The details that set you apart. Yes, that’s us. We make ties, wallets, belts and more for the unconventional man. Products that carry a subtle edge, rather than being in-your-face. And really, they’re better designed and much cooler than the stuff you usually find at the men’s accessories department.Things we like: Pharrell Williams,...

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