Cashmere Enlightenment Sweater

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eeCee bb
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eecee bb Cashmere Sweater for children.Nothing like it. Eco-tremendous. Pure rescued cashmere in colors of yourchoice. Buy large and wear long. Pass it on.Wonderful days ahead!No two alike. Just for your little wonder cup!Made to order in sizes: 9 mo1-23-45-67-8please inquire ahead about sizing and we'll get itjust right on your very special sweater. We can't wait to make this for you!Please specify short or long-sleeves.Buying large extends the glad days, and makes yourpurchase of "made real" designer clothing a great value!

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eeCee bb
Based in minneapolis, minnesota...usa

Sounds like -----> e.c. bb... see?eeCee stands for "ici" - "here" in French.eeCee bb embraces the immediacy of imagination, and the place where life unfolds...eeCee bb designs are "made real" in Linden Hills, USA.(Minneapolis, Minn.) Our studio is six blocks west of Lake Harriet, right behind the bakery.eeCee bb works with kids in our studio,...

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