CamelCamel Gold Necklace

$ 200.00
Steph Mantis!
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"Imma get get get get you drunk, get you love drunk off my humps."You probably wouldn't get far if you tried to cross the desert on this guy's back but he looks pretty cool around your neck. These 24K gold plated twins measure 2 1/2" nose to nose, 1 1/2" hoof to hump and come on a 28" chain with a lobster clasp.

About the Designer

Steph Mantis!
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised in a house and a pizza parlor in Biddeford, Maine, Steph Mantis creates quirky household items that transform a banal area in your home into a place of fantasy and whimsy. Steph moved to NYC to study Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, and also studied glass design in Denmark. When not working,...

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