Buttons - Valentine's Day Lovers

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Jeff Claassen
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"Valentine's Day Lovers"Trust me, wear these and you're sure to get some play this Valentine's Day. It's also suggested to give your favorite design to your lover bun or that special person you've been stalking.- 1" pinback buttons- 5 designs per pack:"Love me or I'll bite your head off""You can totally be my sweetheart honey bunches pudding pop cup o' soup darling lover""If you take off your shirt I'll take off mine""If you wanna tickle fight and wrestle I'm totally game""Do the passion on me, like now"Thanks for looking!Enjoy!

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Jeff Claassen
Based in San Luis Obispo, CA

Currently a blogging gallery owner, artist, diy enthusiast, eater of cereal, reader of books and drinker of thai iced tea. If you find yourself in SLO, CA come by my shop at 774 Marsh St, upstairs.


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