Brave Tote Bag

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The name says it all. A brave fashion statement on the one hand, and a testament to the brave people fighting fires on the other. This upcycled tote bag features a large pocket for a laptop, and two smaller pockets for smaller cuter things. One of the small pockets sports a zipper, too. The straps feel super comfortable and have a pleasant grip on your shoulder. And did we mention that the Brave Tote Bag is very stripy?Made of fire hosesThis upcycled tote bag is hand made out of two different kinds of fire hoses. The red parts come from fire hoses from Norway, and the black parts from hoses that served their first life in Estonia. Due to the nature of the material, bags feature different markings. Each bag is 100% unique and has a story to tell.Dimensions:16 x 13.6 x 4.8 inch (40 x 34 x 12 cm)

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Based in Tallinn, Republic of Estonia

We thought it’s rather silly that perfectly good material is wasted when firehoses reach their standard time of use, so we gave them new life.Hosewear got started as the first project to ever get funded by, Estonia’s answer to Kickstarter (if there ever was a related question). After a successful debut on Hooandja the...

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