Blaue Blume Tea cup -White with gold shoes

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Dimensions: 16cm by 9cm by 6.5cmMaterial: EarthenwareUsages: Elegant tea cup to complement stylish afternoon tea drinking. This is a component of a the blaue blume tea set which includes the whole afternoon tea service.Technical:Made in London and has 14K gold company logo and stamp saying "Made in England" on bottom of cup and saucer.Blaue Blume was first conceived by wanting to solidify the texture of lace onto ceramics to make ceramics have a softer, more textural feel.About the range:Seductive tea wears guaranteed to make drinking tea a fun and glamorous affair.The Blaue Blume range has witty and subversive messages with a girly-naughtiness and nostalgia to inspire people to feel more sexy, flirty and fun, and to enhance the seductivity of the food itself as well as opposed to traditional tea parties where you had to mind your manners.

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