Black Ceramic Mug with Decorative Pattern - Black Mug - Handmade Mug

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Kina Ceramic Design
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You will love this elegant ceramic handmade mug. It has simple shape and is decorated with pineapple pattern. Your guests will be impressed when you will serve them milkshake or ice coffee decorated with whipped cream, cocoa and marshmallows. You can also surprise them serving smothies, juices or even mulled wine. This mug holds an approximately 450ml (15fl oz) of your favorite beverage. You will be suprised how good it fits to your hand. It was designed in 2013 by Kina Gorska while inspired during the travel through Romania. When hand casted from high quality porcelain half product is dry and retouched then it is subjected to the first - “bisque fireing” which gives the necessary endurance for glazing the dish. The second - “high fireing” gives dish ultimate endur- ance, color, shape, impermeability and elegant shine. The last fireing is used to apply decals with ornaments, logo or decorate it with gold or platinum.For more of my works please visit: you want to be update with my new projects, process in studio please visit and add to your favourites my facebook page:

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Kina Ceramic Design
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World of contemporary ceramics that surprise, make you smile or even shock. Made with passion and imaginationYou can find here extraordinary products of high quality material. I mostly create everyday use objects such as mugs, bowls or vases. I am interested in interaction between the user and the object. I like when the user can...

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