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chuck routhier | furniture+lighting
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As featured in Dec/Jan 2009 Issue of ReadyMade Magazine!*elegant industrial/reflection lamp* 12" table lamp. 4" diameter wood base (_past life as a bowl_). chrome rod, white industrial ceramic fixture with basic black cord. chrome top 6o watt bulb included. in-cord dimmer (_actual dimmer may differ_) provides full power range from bright to soft. direct towards wall for full effect.

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chuck routhier | furniture+lighting
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"": ||| we are a small design/make furniture company in NY. our mission is to design and build things we like, make them unique and make them ourselves out of honest, great materials. we are dedicated to simplicity of form, solid construction, contrast, and, of course, super functionality. we hope you contact us at _info@chuckrouthier.com_...

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