Beach Towel

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Colectivo da Rainha
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Beach towel with buttons so that there is no need for cloth springs when hanging it to dry.It is a towel which one can easily hang right after using without the need of cloth springs. Using the buttons on each side to hold it from a string.This way you can forget about those camping days when you notice you didn't bring springs to hang dry your towel.Dimensions160cm x 100cm

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Colectivo da Rainha
Based in Portugal

"Colectvo da Rainha":http://colectivodarainha.comis a creative design studio that plays around with objects reaching out for new concepts.Joined forces in 2008 and have been working as independent entrepreneurs since.The studio operates with passion and conviction developing ideas and designs for new products.Located in a remote site, away from urban chaos, the studio environment is very close...

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