Baby Speaks Bib_English edition

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Clare Chen
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Baby Speaks BibI am a boyI am a girl“No More Guessing”Have you ever looked at a baby but cant tell whether it’s a boy or a girl?Or have you ever accidentally called a baby girl a ‘boy’? ‘Baby Speaks Bib’ is designed so that babies can speak for themselves. Graphic conversation bubbles printed on the bib ensure that there will be no more embarrassing moments.With the use of a classic bib shape, the statement is even stronger. The charcoal stroke of the conversation bubble and words were used to emulate a childs hand writing.100% Cotton33cmx21cmReversibleVelcro closureMade in TaiwanPackage comes with a postcard for the gift giver to write down their blessings and best wishes to the baby and new parents.

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Clare Chen
Based in Taiwan

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