Baby measuring blanket

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Clare Chen
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Babies’ legs aren’t exactly strong enough on standing against a wall for the parents to measure their height. As an alternative to the usual cute graphic, measuring collectionis a simple idea that turns the fabric pattern into a measuring scale with a function.

This allows the parents to see the growth of the baby and gain information daily in a fun and comfortable way.

Measuring collection is made of 100% fine cotton with a soft quality and is available in circle and geometry print.

Color: front: Grey/Yellow  back: beige/pink/blue/orange/green

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: 85cm x 120cm

suitable 0-3yrs

machine wash coldno tumble dry iron lowdo not bleach

Made in Taiwan

Ships worldwide

About the Designer

Clare Chen
Based in Taiwan

About CC:Established in 2009. CC believes good ideas are born at anytime in a person's life under unintentional situations.  A lot of times, those ideas are the most powerful for finding daily problems and needs. CC’s products are inspired by daily surroundings. Exclusive, simple, different are the main elements we aim for to provide our consumers."text":

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