Baby Hobo Sweater Knit Pants

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Baby Hobo
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Size 18-24M medium weight sweater knit pants. 100% CottonSnuggly and durable. Like all Baby Hobo products, these are made from 100% re-purposed fabric, thrice washed in hot water to prevent significant shrinkage.Professionally sewn with an overlock machine, they withstand repeated washing and toddler usage. I know, because I field test them! Okay, not ME, per se, but you know, a toddler.Measurements based on US averages for this size, though they perhaps run slightly tall and thin. If you have a short, fat baby, tell me and I'll make you some special for your butterball.

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Baby Hobo
Based in Chicago, IL

Baby Hobo is a new line of eco-friendly accessories for babies and kids. Our first product featured here will be a series of one-of-a kind bib sets. Made from 100% re-purposed fabrics, these dashing little necessities will help save the earth at the same time they save your baby from fashion misery (and a wet...

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