Aztec Chic - Feather and Chain Necklace VIII

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I am very proud to present this special collection, strongly inspired by the "Aztec" aesthetic and culture. I always loved creating statement pieces (very very long earrings, fringe and multiple row necklaces. The delicacy of most feathers, however, did not allow me to create the designs that I had in mind. Then the ostrich feathers came into play! For this collection, I cut the feathers so they would recall arrowheads. The colors used are also very bright. Wood, horn, string bass and a few pieces of metal were added to my designs, and I also played around a lot with asymmetry, lines and geometry.I worked a lot on the asymmetry of the lines for this one: I tried to make something that remind the effect of the totem pieces, superimposed and ending with arrowheads. The feathers are so colorful: unique and original!♦Quality feathers (bright golden).♦Tiny little gold-plated chain.♦Horn pipe beads (black).♦Big aztec tube bead.♦Little vintage gold-plated connector.// Necklace goes about 14" (35cm) long (aka 28" all around). //// "Feather part" : about 5". //// Prices in US Dollars. //All Noémiah items arrive in custom made packaging.Please let me know if you have any question!Photographer: Véronique GohierStylist: Myriam GirouardHair & Make up: Marie-Eve DompierreModel: Ariel from Ema Models© 2010 Noémiah

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