Avant Garde Medium

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DADADA studio
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Avant Garde MediumHerb Lubalin and Tom Carnase(1970)This t-shirt is from "DADADA studio":http://www.dadadastudio.eu t-shirt collection called “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog”. This sentence is used by graphic designers when working with typefaces, becouse phrase contains all letters of the English alphabet. Three lines of text on t-shirt – name of typeface, author and the date when type was created. Everything is written using that same type.Silk screen print, 100% cotton.

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DADADA studio
Based in Vilnius, Lithuania

"DADADA":http://dadadastudio.eu (also known as Dalia Birske and Martynas Birskys) is Lithuanian artist-designer duo (and family too). In 2005 they established the studio in Vilnius.-DADADA studio works in field of advertising and art direction are highly acceptable in Lithuanian advertising and design business.DADADA studio has in-house photography studio, depending on visual content can offer photography, CGI,...

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