Asa Led Lamp

$ 4,200.00
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Available in many different colors, the ASA led lamp is the ideal hanging / suspension lamp for a dining table or working desk. With a couple of hundreds mini led unities, it comes in many different colors and also completely in stainless steel. Just choose the color that fits best your decoration and enjoy the pure, infra-red radiation free light from the leds.Dimensions: 1200mm wide.CUCAMPREYou can find more info about this and other cool products on our website"":

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"*CUCAMPRE*": is the production of the mind of the designer *Olavo Machado Neto*.The idea is to bring some new and fresh forms and colors to everyday objects, furniture and lighting... Always with a unique style.What does *CUCAMPRE* mean? Figure it out, I know what it is but if you come up with a better story,...

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