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There's been much debate as to whether Shepard Fairey's use of Mannie Garcia's photo as the basis of his iconic HOPE poster constitutes fair use. Our version is realized in a different medium, with a different message. More notably it includes attribution. Fair use, right?This _Art You Can Xerox_ sculpture consists of a ream of 500 _Art You Can Xerox_ photocopy prints. The prints are then shrink-wrapped to create a durable sculptural artifact.The photocopying process results in subtle variations and degradations to the original source, making each sheet — and therefore each sculpture — unique and, thus, art. Limited to an edition of 500

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Based in San Francisco, CA

MINE designs identities, books, consumer products, packaging and print and interactive collateral for scientific visionaries, educational reformists, best-selling authors, museums, design institutions, entrepreneurs, telecom giants, Hollywood producers and, occasionally, for ourselves.

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