Appropriate Technology

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Appropriate TechnologyTending a Difficult HopeLend a Hand! Poster SeriesArtist: Alyce Santoro3 Color Letterpress PosterPrinted by Rory SparksEm Space, Portland Oregon11 × 17 inches100% Recycled Card StockAlyce Santoro is an interdisciplinary conceptual and sound artist whose work is deeply informed by science and philosophy. Drawing on a background in biology and scientific illustration, she creates “Philosoprops” using video, assemblage, text, and live performance to draw parallels between seemingly disparate fields and to spark dialog about holistic approaches to challenges facing the environment and society. Alyce is the inventor of Sonic Fabric, an audible textile woven from recorded audiocassette tape, and is the founder of several campaigns for social action including the Synergetic Omni-Solution, OCCUPY EVERYWHERE, and the Dialectic Revival. She refers to her studio in far west Texas as the Center for the Obvious and (Im)Permacultural Research.

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