Antoinette - Miniature Mirror Pendant in Sterling Silver - Hand Cut

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{ gemagenta }
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*{ i n s p i r a t i o n }*Mirrors may evoke beauty, vanity, and magical tales...But a mirror is mainly about seeing yourself the way you truly are. It's about insight and honesty, and the embracing of your gifts as well as your flaws.*{ t h e . j e w e l }*I hand cut the shape of this tiny mirror, soldered a small loop on it's back for passing the chain through, and then polished its front by hand to get a shiny reflecting surface.Perfect for adding a sparkle to your daily outfit, or for layering with your favorite necklaces.Includes a handmade *gemagenta* fabric pouch for storing it (color varies depending on availability).*{ s i z e }*This pendant measures are: .5in (1.2cm) height, .3in (.8cm) wide.Includes a 16" (40cm) sterling silver chain. (If you want a different length, just convo me)*{ m o r e . i n f o }*Visit my blog "blog":http://gemagenta.blogspot.com2011 © Gemagenta

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{ gemagenta }
Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

{gemagenta} is the free creative space where Lorena Martinez-Neustadt, a mexican Industrial Designer and Jeweler displays her designs.Every single {gemagenta} jewel is handcrafted by Lorena in her Amsterdam studio."For me a Jewel is so much more than a fashion accessory or an embellisher, it’s a small piece of art that tells a story about itself,...

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