Animal Butt Magnets

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Steph Mantis!
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From the front to the back like a zoo party animal. -Gucci Mane

From the hand and mind of Steph Mantis comes these hilarious, inventive and silly animal butt magnets. See their front ends "here.": animal butts perfect for displaying everything from love notes to this month's electric bill! Set of 7. Sizes vary but approximately 1" - 2" with 1/4" diameter rare earth magnets.Plastic and magnetsMagnet pull strength: 1.15 lbsPackage measures 4x7"Weighs less than 4 oz.© 2010 Stephanie MantisAll rights reserved.

About the Designer

Steph Mantis!
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Born and raised in a house and a pizza parlor in Biddeford, Maine, Steph Mantis creates quirky household items that transform a banal area in your home into a place of fantasy and whimsy. Steph moved to NYC to study Industrial Design at Pratt Institute, and also studied glass design in Denmark. When not working,...

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