Ampersands in Black & White: Letterpress Coasters (Set of 10)

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Red Bird Ink
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We unveiled this set, our new collection of ampersand (&) coasters, to great acclaim at the fabulous West Elm Atlanta & Etsy pop up show! It was such a pleasure to see, first hand, such an enthusiastic response!...& now they are on offer to you! Here it is ladies and gentlemen! The ampersand coaster sets you’ve been waiting for. We have been hard at work creating this lovely collection. We curated some of our favorite type to produce a set that we feel makes a pretty rad statement of well... “and”. This set of 10 coasters comes in classic black & white. These coasters are an easy way to add texture and interest to your home, studio, office, apartment or loft. -----Why the Ampersand is so cool-----Did you know that the ampersand was derived during the creation of the Roman cursive alphabet beginning in the 1st century A.D.? And the word ‘et’ is also the latin word for “and” and the ‘e’ and the ‘t’ were rendered together as a ligature to create a beautiful ampersand. Also, the phrase “and per se and” blurred together creates the word “Ampersand”. The original Roman cursive alphabet ended with “&” instead of “z” (......x, y, z, &). The ampersand is a beautiful part of history that we see everyday. Look closely at our collection to see some examples of ET and how it's shape transformed over time. The perfect gift for all of the &'s moments in life...- newly engaged - pregnancy - new baby or child adoption- adoption of an pet- marriageor also perfect for...- graphic designers- font lovers- typesetters - ampersand aficionados - host or hostess gift- housewarming present- stocking stuffer- super deluxe gift basket addition - anyone who has new furniture- home-brewers- mixologists- cocktail connoisseur- wine lovers- Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobiacs not recommended for...- water stained furniture lovers- those who never put their glass down- Verbophobics . . .TECHNICAL INFO. . .- 10 ultra thick pub coasters- 4" square with rounded corners- Red Bird Ink logo on the back in black- letterpress printed with love in Atlanta, GA . . .This is an original RED BIRD INK creation. Copyright © Julia B Farill

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Red Bird Ink is an art, design and letterpress studio in the hot, hot south. We are driven to design by our limitless interest in the world around us. Our mission is to inspire others to feel the same curiosity & delight that we do. Here at the studio, we design and create limited edition...

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