Adele Felted Bead Necklace in Mustard

$ 95.00
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  • hand felted merino wool necklace

Soft and light, this is a hand felted merino wool beaded necklace in deep mustard yellow. At 30" long, this generously long necklace will sit nicely on your chest, adding that touch of color to your monotone winter wardrobe. 

Each bead is carefully hand felted, trimmed, and strung together on a waxed cotton cord, paying attention to detail at each step. Size of each beads range from 0.75" to 1.25" in diameter. 

This style of necklace was originally made as a gift for my mentor, Adele, which was very well received with many compliments! Thus the name Adele necklace. 

The necklace is made to order (I currently have one in stock). Definitely a statement piece, and one of a kind gift for this winter.

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Based in los angeles, california

DELICA is a small design studio in Southern California. It started as a small side project/hobby while working at an architecture office. This year I'm focusing on natural wool as main material to create hand felted pieces using traditional full and wet felting technique. All pieces are one of a kind, and are ready to...

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