Address Book Renaissance Ornament in brown

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Nauli® thinks in times of smartphones and computer, nothing can beat the charm of a real book for your notes or addresses.address book has a cover of fine but strong Italian paper and a spine of bookcloth // inner book from fine ivory paper of 48 sheets / 96 pages is sewn // laminated letters to keep them durable and clean // size of approx. 4"x 6" - fit's in your handbag, but is abig enough to be kept on a shelf.Like all Nauli® products this book is handmade by us in Germany.

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Based in Munich, Germany, Europe

Welcome at the Nauli® Supermarket Outlet! We make colorful and photo albums, DVD folios and notebooks, planners and boxes for people who believe, that good memories deserve special packagings. Handmade with care by 4 hands in Germany. Shipped worldwide.

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