Acoustic Kalimba, 15 key, Proper harmonic design,Mbira,Thumb Piano

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Hi,My name is Boyan, I live and craft in Spain. The kalimba i make i call the Acoustic Kalimba.Its round, very light and acoustically engineered for big harmonic sound. It has the acoustics of a carefully constructed guitar. That is the main difference from other kalimbas on the market, including the Hugh Tracey Alto. And by that i mean that it has clear, string/piano/bell like sound with good harmonic sustain. And surprising volume and resonance for its size, due to the truly resonant carefully calculated and constructed body and tines.The first thing people say when the struck the tines is: "Wow, its alive"The physical dimensions are OD ~ 20cm , Height ~ 40mm, weight ~ 280g . That means it would be comfortable to hold for everybody, children or adults. And easy to play for long periods of time due to its low weight.The tuning is the most popular for kalimbas. From 2014 on , the tuning will be Integral. Means instead of trying to push the notes in the instrument, each instrument will be tuned depending at what note it sounds best usual in the E,F,G,A range. Videos, make sure to watch it in HD quality:"The kalimbas":"A440 versus A432 kalimba":"The tuning":"Custom tuning example xenharmonic": who is made this instrument?For everybody. It is may be the most easy instrument to start making good pleasant sounding music. Easy to play,nice meditative sound,light and highly portable.I will ship it well protected.THIS IS A REDUCED PROMOTIONAL PRICE! Quality is same or better than you can find in many times more expensive instruments! I struggle to achieve this low price so anybody can permit to try this great instrument. I pushed my vendors to the limit, craft all the parts by myself. There is no middle man, no publicity expenses,etc. Will appreciate any help by marking me in your favorites, social media, sharing the info! So i can keep this great price.Thanks! NOTES:Dark wood Kalimbas take more time to make due to the tinting process. Added benefit is that they generally sound slightly better, don't ask me why. Another benefit is that they are available for same or next day shipping, compared to 2-15 days or even more for the natural wood color version.The Acoustic kalimba you will receive is very similar to the pictures! The pictures are for informational purposes only! Small design changes are without prior notice.Kalimbas are LINOTUNE-ed. Dont judge the pitch using cheapo tuners or your telephone tuner apps. Most of them will not pick correctly the pitch. They leave here no more than +-3cents tuned at 20 degree Celsium. I only recommend LINOSTROBE from Android market. Wood is wood and some times sound can change a bit. Keep them dry and at 20CThough a great sounding instrument, its not concert instrument . If you are professional musician, contact me for special order concert kalimba. You guessed right, price will be different.

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Hi there,I love inventing and crafting things in my small garage. I like living in the nature, dogs and exercising my body and mind. Reading books makes me happy. Very interesting and unusual people is what i like for friends.

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