Acorn necklace - mini or medium

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Lucie Veilleux
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*This listing is for the biggest acorn on the picture. Nature is full of gifts!I remember as a kid collecting acorns fallen from oak trees, they were like treasures! So in honor of the beautiful oak nuts, I decided to create acorn necklaces! I cast an acorn cap in sterling silver and as a nut, I turned a piece of american walnut on a lathe to the shape of the actual nut. This is a mix of my 2 favorite medias and an homage to nature which never stops to amaze me!!

The mini acorn is really, really tiny and so cute, it's about 5/8" tall from the tip of the nut to the top of the stem and it's 3/8" at it's widest point. The medium one is just as lovely and a little bigger, it's a little above 3/4" tall and slightly wider than 1/2". Comes on a 16" to 18" long silver chain.

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Lucie Veilleux
Based in Québec, Canada

Hello! I'm Lucie, a silversmith from Québec, Canada. My work is inspired by nature and botanical elements, I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me with any question you may have!

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