Accordion Book Art-Deco Erika

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This multi purposed ZigZag photo book is handmade by Nauli® to show your photos on any ledge, be used as mini size photo album or brag book. A great gift for your grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends or anyone you want to give something really personal, if you fill it with your latest pics. It's size is perfect to bring it everywhere in any bag, but it looks nice as a colourful book on the shelf as well. It's suitable to become a small scrapbook to remember a special occasion... be creative!The paper is a traditional pattern, which used to be used for furniture lining over a century ago. Until now it's made from small manufactories in Italy. It's very durable and light resistant. The design is a beautiful Art Deco pattern in violet and green. The satin ribbon gives is an ancient outlook.For the "accordion" we use black special thick paper for foto books, which is acid-free and doesn't harm your fotos. (We use black, as we think it shows your foto the best.) For storage the leporello can be closed with the exclusive satinband.The size is approx. 4.7" x 6.7" - You have place for 14 photos.

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Based in Munich, Germany, Europe

Welcome at the Nauli® Supermarket Outlet! We make colorful and photo albums, DVD folios and notebooks, planners and boxes for people who believe, that good memories deserve special packagings. Handmade with care by 4 hands in Germany. Shipped worldwide.

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