A5 Blue Notebook + Red strap

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Notebook +strap + pen +yellow marker pencilThe Notebook Strap is made from neoprene material and can easily be attached to your notebook so you can take your favorite writing tools with you. Plain A5 NotebookNumber of sheets 100Paper covers 380 g/m²Paper content print grid 90 g/m²Width 148 mm /5.8 inHeight 210 mm/ 8.3 in Depth 12 mm/0.47 in Neoprene synthetic rubber sleeveProducts size 192×40 mm / 7.55×1.57 in Plastic fine-writer pen with exchangeable refillProducts size 134×10 mm / 5.27×0.39 in Yellow marker pencils×0.39 in10 mm /6.69 × Products size 170

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The PULP brand was created as a result of a collaboration between two families – Covo and Federbusch – who share a longstanding passion for paper products. Each family owns and operates a family business going back some 100 yearsand spanning over fourgenerations.The Covo family business, established in 1901, specializes in paper, cardboard and fabric...

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