A Classic Turquoise and Brown- Stripe Necklace

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I love stripes. I always reach for them when i shop for clothes. Then i have to talk myself out of it because it's gotten that bad. So, I decided to make them as a necklace so i have an excuse to wear more stripes. This necklace was beaded using brown and turquoise bugle beads on paddle gold pins to create a stripe center piece. It's simple and fun. hangs 20" silver plated chain and gold plated clasp.

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Based in Evanston, IL

I started my line in 2002, inside a gallery/boutique in Chicago called Monkey Business. While my background was in painting, I quickly fell in love with crafting and the speed at which I could express myself. It's sort of like doodling and sketching and way better suited to my short attention span. I'm good as...

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