40% Discount . Wrap Me Kimono Sweater, Yak Down

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*_For the holiday season, this cute handknitted sweater is discounted from $90 to $54._* New babies and their parents will appreciate this sweater for its easy dressing and warmth. Kimono style keeps baby warm with the front double layer. Featuring beautiful handknit hands in contrasting colour. Sweater secures with i-cord ties on the left and plastic snaps on the right. Great for layering during the Spring. *wobabybasics’* beautiful knits are made by hand of luxurious pure yak down fiber, hand-combed from the yaks in the exotic Himalayan regions. The yak fiber is sourced directly from Tibetan herders, enabling them to earn a sustainable living while preserving their traditional lifestyle. The down is spun into a worsted-weight yarn, bringing you the same warmth that protects the yaks at sub-zero temperatures. This unique hand-knitting yarn is amazingly soft to the touch and is comparable to cashmere.Babies will love the lightness yet warmth of these amazingly soft garments while parents will smile to hear they are machine washable, and stretches forgivingly as baby grows.* Available in Sandy Brown (semi-bleached) and Chocolate Brown (original yak down colour)* Sizes 3M, 6M, 12M, 24M* Handknitted by women's cooperative in China

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Inspired by active children and their needs, Wobabybasics’ collection is a harmony of quality, comfort, and unique functional details. We ensure that all our certified organic textiles and dyes are chemical-free and the healthiest option for babies. Wobabybasics proudly supports local artisans and fair trade production methods, ensuring the highest social and environmental benefits. We...

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