2pixel Civilian Messenger Bag

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R.E.Load Baggage
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R.E.Load messenger bags are all hand-made from start to finish. They feature the most durable materials available and are made to stand up to a messenger's workday....which means they are guaranteed for life against defects due to craftsmanship. Featuring vinyl-coated nylon liners, they are also completely waterproof. Large outside pockets are also lined and waterproof; inside pocket features pen/pda/ipod slots. Integrated closed cell foam shoulder pad.The Civilian bag measures 13"H x 18"W x 7"D. *_Please be aware that the measurement for the width of the bag is taken from the BASE!! The actual flap width is 24"._The 1,2,3 Pixel bag collection was created by Ingrid Rowe. Ingrid has been stitching and designing at R.E. Load in Seattle for the past 3 years. She has designed many of the bags you see in our custom stock section of our website. This is her premiere collection!

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R.E.Load Baggage
Based in Philadelphia, Pa

R.E.Load makes custom, hand-made messenger bags. Completely from scratch. Started in 1998 by two Philly messengers, we are currently home to some of the best applique stitchers in the world. Coupled with our practically bulletproof materials, weatherproof construction, and amazing designs, what you get is a completely unique bag that lasts forever. Tested on city...

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