The letter Q Monsterbet print

Tyson Bodnarchuk

The letter Q Monsterbet print from Tyson Bodnarchuk
The letter Q
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The letter Q Monsterbet print is printed on 4" × 6" heavy, glossy, card stock.

“If you get stuck in line behind the letter Q I fell sorry for you. She’s one of those people who pore over her receipts for like 5 minutes before she gets out of line. Annoying!.” * Taken from “The Monsterbet” book.*

Each of the Monsterbet prints are taken from a series of original watercolor drawings that I did over the Summer of 2010 for my niece and nephew. People really wanted prints of their own, so that is why I created this series of small prints. A perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or baby showers.

Each print ships in a sealed plastic envelope and carded for protection.


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