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What?!? You don’t feel like updating your entire FB friends with your latest status update? (Hmmm….don’t wanna jinx this relationship do you?) Or maybe you actually have friends that miss out by not joining the social media world.
Either way, here is the first card from our new line of “Status Updates”!

Send personal updates on your life to your REAL friends, without having those creepy stalkers knowing! You can even just check a box, just like in lazy computerland! (We are really trying to make this easy on you.)

Comes in a set of 3 flat cotton (aka. tree free) note cards (4.25"×5.5") with our signature A2 ‘brown bag’ 100% recycled envelopes. Cards are letterpress printed with light blue ink. Card reads “Status Update!” with 5 different status options
-plus one
-minus one
-one long story…


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Sorry, but we can not write personal messages in the cards and send directly to recipient.

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