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In such a fast paced world, sometimes one needs to just stop and look around for a second; remember to really take things in and experience the moment. One needs to remind oneself to sit back and relax.

So trust me, take it easy once in a while, it’ll add extra beats to the ticker…

Sit Back… is a two-color letterpressed poster that was printed in 2 small runs. 40 in an Orange/Cyan combo and 35 in a Cyan/Fuschia. Each piece is signed and numbered.

11.5″ × 18″

110# Crane Letra.

Sit Back… will ship worldwide. US and Canada shipments will be sent out via USPS Priority Mail. International orders will be sent out USPS Express International in plenty of warm packaging (a sturdy 5" tube to maximize ruggedness and minimize curling) to protect him while he’s on his journey to his new home. If you would like him to travel a different way, email me and I will be happy to to discuss additional shipping options.

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