sonic (cassette tape) necktie - black

alyce santoro

sonic (cassette tape) necktie - black from alyce santoro
sonic fabric necktie - OM edition
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sonic fabric – the invention of conceptual and sound artist alyce santoro – is a durable, beautiful, audible textile woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored polyester thread. the fabric is woven in new england, and small, limited-edition accessories are hand sewn in manhattan by designer julio cesar. sonic fabric emits a garbled, underwater-like sound if you run a tape head over it (for a demo, please visit youtube channel alyceobvious).

this “edition” of sonic fabric (the sound recorded onto the tape before weaving) consists of a single note: 136.1Hz, or the “om tone”. more info at sonic

looks equally great with dress shirt or t-shirt.
all sonic fabric products are guaranteed to be good-vibe emitting.

the ties come in two colors: dark brown (woven with brown tape and black thread), and black (black tape, black thread).

each comes packaged with descriptive insert and instructions for crafting a “reader” device from a hacked personal cassette player.


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Designer info

alyce santoro

marfa, tx

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all SONIC FABRIC goods are AUDIBLE! rub a tape head over them and they EMIT SOUND!