Portable Solar Lamp: Lantern

Sunnyside Up Solar

Portable Solar Lamp: Lantern from Sunnyside Up Solar
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How do you want your product? We like ours Sunnyside Up because its FREE energy.

Place us where the sun DO shine during the day and use us conscience free at night. A one day charge can provide 5-7 hours of light which you can set to automatically come on when the sun goes down or use it when you need it. Its portable design also allows you to take it on picnics, late night trips to the frige, or anywhere dark.

Features: 1 Solar Panel / 2 LED Lights / 1 Switch with 3 Settings (Auto Low / Off / Auto High) / 2 AA Rechargeable Batteries, all incased in 9 layers of specially designed and cut cardboard, 4 easily removable aluminum post-screws, and a plexi panel.

Dimensions: Length: 5.5" Width: 4.25" Depth: 1.5"

We us Grade AA materials to not only create a long lasting product but also an efficient one. We feel confident in calling our solar lamp Eco-Friendly. So brighten your nights with SUS.


*due to our lamps being hand silkscreened and assembled, we can only release limited quantities at a time. So join our Facebook to get updates on stocks, designs, or just to get more information on our product.

*lamps will be shipped by usps priority mail 2-3 days after receipt of payment.


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